How many degrees of hardness are there?

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How many different degrees of hardness there is does not vary from manufacturer, but also depends on the model series. There are manufacturers who completely waive hardness because the design makes hardness levels unnecessary. There is a lot of air at the top: There are manufacturers who offer two, three or even five different degrees of hardness. Because the number of degrees of hardness is determined by the type of mattress. Here it depends on the material and the processing.

Which body weight for which degree of hardness?

Again, there is no standard. There are mattresses on which even on the version H1 (soft) people up to 90 kilos are good and ergonomic. However, there are also models on which one should think of hardness of three from just 60 kilograms. It is important to know, however, that there is no standard and therefore a mattress in H1 (soft) can be much stronger than in another model H3 (fixed). This is because, as described above, each manufacturer makes its own classifications.

How do I find the right degree of hardness?

One should completely free oneself from the topic degrees of hardness. Since you should buy a mattress anyway only as part of a comprehensive consultation, for example, a sleep consultant can help in choosing the right mattress. Asleep consultation is carried out under consideration of different body dimensions such as the shoulder width, the pelvic width.

Professional sleep counseling is an important prerequisite for choosing the right mattress. The following things should be remembered:

Decisive is the personal reclining feeling and the ergonomically correct position. Based on your body shape, a sleep consultant can decide exactly which mattress models are ergonomically suitable. And from the ergonomically optimal mattresses, you are looking for the coziest one. Actually, it is very simple. And if something does not fit, you get a good exchange of at least 6 weeks, since it takes a little longer time to determine whether the chosen mattress was really the right one.You can see the different mattresses on our website. Like the questionis a soft mattress bad for your back.

The box spring bed:

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With a box spring bed is meant today a complete bed system.

Boxspring actually designates the pedestal of the bed. This consists of a fabric-covered box with Bonell springs and provides resilience over the full width. On it lies the mattress, which can be put together as desired.

Most mattresses are well suited for a box spring bed. So you always have the choice between z. Like memory foam, cold foam or a pocket spring mattress.

On the mattress is often placed a thin topper mattress, which ensures a sleeping surface without a crack. However, this is not recommended for every type of mattress, as this may limit the supporting and regulating properties of the mattress.

Depending on your budget, there is a very large selection of box spring beds and equally large differences in quality. The quality of the mattress determines the comfort, and in addition, you also have a large selection of, for example, electrically adjustable pedestals.

Advantages of a box spring bed

  • Extensive options in terms of design and options
  • Unlimited selection of mattresses
  • Good ventilation through open spring structure of the pedestal
  • Easy access through the height of the bed
  • Seamless sleeping surface with a topped mattress

Lifetime maximum of 7-10 years

What’s the difference between a waterbed and a boxspring bed?

Both the waterbed and the boxspring bed provide a lot of comforts. Sleeping on the water provides a pleasantly weightless feeling. A light vibration or very stable, tailored to your personal preference.

A box spring bed does not have it, so it’s very difficult to match a box spring bed to your weight and physique. This is often an expensive affair. With a water mattress, this is less important, thanks to the supporting and pressure-reducing properties of water, it is suitable for everyone. Buy thenewest online mattresses at our online store.

Health benefits of a waterbed

In particular, due to the health aspects, more and more people are opting for a waterbed instead of standard mattresses and beds, especially for existing ailments such as back pain, a hernia, neck pain or joint pain. For a waterbed has options that have no other bed, such as regulating the temperature and hardness of the mattress.

Experiences and prejudices about box spring beds:

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It is sometimes said that box spring beds start to mold after some time. We would like to refute this and explain why this is not the case.

On the one hand, pocket spring cores are the most permeable mattresses on the inside thanks to their large cavities, which are available for purchase. Even if you opt for a cold foam mattress in your box spring bed, due to the spring-loaded box and the breathable materials still sufficient moisture exchange is guaranteed.

You’ve probably heard quite often that the mattress resting on the box slips back and forth. This applies mainly to box spring beds in the lower quality segment. Low-quality mattresses are often very light, and the material used is very low. Accordingly, mattresses with little weight tend to slip. With motor-adjustable box, spring boxes can be improved with a non-slip mat. This is placed between the box and mattress and thus prevents slipping.

Many starts with the thought:

What happens if the mattress does not suit me after a few years and my lying habits have changed?

You do not necessarily have to get along with the current mattress for the next 10 years. Of course, you can change the interior of both the topper and the mattress if necessary.

How do I clean the floor under the box spring bed?

We are always talked about cleaning under the bed, as most box spring beds have rather short feet. Feet for box spring beds are available in different sizes. However, if you decide to go for a higher foot to better clean under the bed, you can still adjust the height to your height by minimizing the height of the box, mattress, and topper. Take advantages of average mattress price.

Sloping ceilings in the room

Do you have a rather small bedroom and/or bevels in the bedroom?

An oversized headboard looks really great, but unfortunately, it does not fit in every bedroom. It only helps to measure precisely: For us, it is easy to manufacture the headboard flush with the lying surface or even the height of the headboard to the nearest centimeter. This will prevent the bed in your bedroom from looking too bulky.

Mattresses in special sizes

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What a great influence the mattress has on a sound sleep is now known and those who realize that one-third of the day is spent in their sleep, the guess is how crucial the choice of mattress. Of course, a high-quality mattress is free from harmful substances and is available in different versions because the preferences of the sleeping person are highly individual. In addition, a good mattress will provide any sleeping position – of which there are a few during the night. And of course, the mattress adapts not only to the sleeping but also the environment. A fact is in view of the fact that conventional mattresses quickly push the limits of the feasible. There, where nothing can be started with the usual dimensions, mattresses in special dimensions come into play.

Mattresses – a matter of cut

Mattresses in special dimensions not only have to be highly flexible from the blank but also meet the same high-quality requirements as the standardized version. A special challenge that we like to face. The fact is: The more individual the interior design of the sleeping area is, the sooner mattresses in special sizes are in demand. Watch bed in a box compaints for more information.

And the speech here is only of beds. Anyone who is traveling with a caravan or mobile home or wants to refit the sleeping berth of a truck needs a lot of patience – or just one of our special sized mattresses, which will be tailored to individual needs.

Mattresses – comfort without compromise

Who needs a mattress in special sizes, is often satisfied with less than necessary. After all, it’s nice that even a matching mattress was found. But special measure or not – compromises on sleeping comfort are not necessary.

We manufacture every mattress on request – the special size is included as well as other individual requirements that the desired mattress must meet. Optimal sleeping comfort does not end up with a dimension that does not meet the usual dimensions. Whether 7-zone cold foam mattress or a comparable mattress made of Visco cold foam: Our mattresses in special sizes offer the usual sleeping comfort of commercial models. So that restful sleep does not fail on the blank.

Ultimate guide of the mattress for heavy peoples

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Why it is important to buy a different mattress for heavier peoples as compared to the light ones. Sleep doesn’t require any size. Every person requires the best possible night sleep. There are lots of health issues with the overweight peoples at the time of sleeping such as breathing problem, restless legs, position changing these are some few. Sagging, uncomfortable mattress creates more and more problem among obese peoples as a result lack of sleep and obviously rises in other health problems as well. Lack of sleep is also the reason of obesity that’s why sleeping in a good an proper manner reduces lots of health problems.

Heavy people’s problem while sleeping

There are lots of mattresses manufacturer companies which providea mattress for heavier individuals. It is important for Heavy people to choose mattress which has optimal support in a mattress so that, the mattress can easily carry extra weight. It is important to purchase a quality mattress so that you need not to worry about the damage of the coil as well. Ina research it is found that firmer mattresses are actually best for heavy persons.

How to choose a mattress for heavy peoples

There are lots of choices in the market, it can be a challenge and difficult in selecting the mattress that offers excellent sleeping experience without any issue. Check mattress thickness, firmness and edge support. These are all important factors you have to look for while buying a new mattress. You have to choose only that mattress which balances the body properly.  Investment of time and doing research is the only requirement when you choose the mattress for an overweight person, no matter it’s the first or sixth time you are buying don’t make any hasty conclusions without acknowledging all the points,  we don’t want that you may suffer the low quality of your sleep.

This simple guide shows you are on the right path to choose the best mattress for heavier individuals so that while buying you can’t confuse and buy directly what you want  Most strategically, it will help you a lot to while choosing the captivating mattress for heavier peoples.

Experience the dreamy world with gel infused mattresses

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Today so many mattress manufacturers doing experiments to enhance the fluffiness of the mattresses. They used to infuse gel in the mattresses to increase the softness without losing its quality and originality. But do you know these mattresses are much healthier as well as comfortable to sleep rather than nongel infused mattresses? But the gel soaked memory foam mattresses are the best among all due to its quality and firmness.

Experiences of various persons of sleeping of Gel memory foam mattress

So many people who are using gel memory foam mattresses give their experiences. According to some they never found a mattress so much relieving and peaceful. They said that as soon as they lie on the mattress they fell asleep. They are very happy with the mattress. Some people say they were suffering from insomnia, and their doctor recommended them to buy the gel memory foam mattress. They share this that the mattress works like magic for them. They are now free from insomnia and now sleep well as well as never see a doctor again due to sleeping issues. So, for a few people this mattress work as the fun-loving products. Parents claim that their kids love to sleep and play on the mattress and the mattress never tear or get ant harm due to their jumps on it.

Gel memory foam mattresses are also environment-friendly

These memory foam mattresses with gel are very much eco-friendly. Yes, they are made with all the artificial material, but the artificial material also contains 40% of organic material. And the gel is made from the trees. So it is not harmful to kids, they can play on them without any risk. You can get the mattress for all family members. Memory foam density must be considered s well.The mattress also guarantee to protect itself from bacterial attacks, so that the can prove you hygienic sleeping environment. These mattress can improve your muscle health as well as mental health. You will be cheerfull and face the life’s problem with open mind as well as open arms to make your life more joyfull.