Experiences and prejudices about box spring beds:

JayeGotthardt 06 Apr , 2019 0 Comments furniture

It is sometimes said that box spring beds start to mold after some time. We would like to refute this and explain why this is not the case.

On the one hand, pocket spring cores are the most permeable mattresses on the inside thanks to their large cavities, which are available for purchase. Even if you opt for a cold foam mattress in your box spring bed, due to the spring-loaded box and the breathable materials still sufficient moisture exchange is guaranteed.

You’ve probably heard quite often that the mattress resting on the box slips back and forth. This applies mainly to box spring beds in the lower quality segment. Low-quality mattresses are often very light, and the material used is very low. Accordingly, mattresses with little weight tend to slip. With motor-adjustable box, spring boxes can be improved with a non-slip mat. This is placed between the box and mattress and thus prevents slipping.

Many starts with the thought:

What happens if the mattress does not suit me after a few years and my lying habits have changed?

You do not necessarily have to get along with the current mattress for the next 10 years. Of course, you can change the interior of both the topper and the mattress if necessary.

How do I clean the floor under the box spring bed?

We are always talked about cleaning under the bed, as most box spring beds have rather short feet. Feet for box spring beds are available in different sizes. However, if you decide to go for a higher foot to better clean under the bed, you can still adjust the height to your height by minimizing the height of the box, mattress, and topper. Take advantages of average mattress price.

Sloping ceilings in the room

Do you have a rather small bedroom and/or bevels in the bedroom?

An oversized headboard looks really great, but unfortunately, it does not fit in every bedroom. It only helps to measure precisely: For us, it is easy to manufacture the headboard flush with the lying surface or even the height of the headboard to the nearest centimeter. This will prevent the bed in your bedroom from looking too bulky.

Written By JayeGotthardt