How many degrees of hardness are there?

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How many different degrees of hardness there is does not vary from manufacturer, but also depends on the model series. There are manufacturers who completely waive hardness because the design makes hardness levels unnecessary. There is a lot of air at the top: There are manufacturers who offer two, three or even five different degrees of hardness. Because the number of degrees of hardness is determined by the type of mattress. Here it depends on the material and the processing.

Which body weight for which degree of hardness?

Again, there is no standard. There are mattresses on which even on the version H1 (soft) people up to 90 kilos are good and ergonomic. However, there are also models on which one should think of hardness of three from just 60 kilograms. It is important to know, however, that there is no standard and therefore a mattress in H1 (soft) can be much stronger than in another model H3 (fixed). This is because, as described above, each manufacturer makes its own classifications.

How do I find the right degree of hardness?

One should completely free oneself from the topic degrees of hardness. Since you should buy a mattress anyway only as part of a comprehensive consultation, for example, a sleep consultant can help in choosing the right mattress. Asleep consultation is carried out under consideration of different body dimensions such as the shoulder width, the pelvic width.

Professional sleep counseling is an important prerequisite for choosing the right mattress. The following things should be remembered:

Decisive is the personal reclining feeling and the ergonomically correct position. Based on your body shape, a sleep consultant can decide exactly which mattress models are ergonomically suitable. And from the ergonomically optimal mattresses, you are looking for the coziest one. Actually, it is very simple. And if something does not fit, you get a good exchange of at least 6 weeks, since it takes a little longer time to determine whether the chosen mattress was really the right one.You can see the different mattresses on our website. Like the questionis a soft mattress bad for your back.

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