Mattresses in special sizes

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What a great influence the mattress has on a sound sleep is now known and those who realize that one-third of the day is spent in their sleep, the guess is how crucial the choice of mattress. Of course, a high-quality mattress is free from harmful substances and is available in different versions because the preferences of the sleeping person are highly individual. In addition, a good mattress will provide any sleeping position – of which there are a few during the night. And of course, the mattress adapts not only to the sleeping but also the environment. A fact is in view of the fact that conventional mattresses quickly push the limits of the feasible. There, where nothing can be started with the usual dimensions, mattresses in special dimensions come into play.

Mattresses – a matter of cut

Mattresses in special dimensions not only have to be highly flexible from the blank but also meet the same high-quality requirements as the standardized version. A special challenge that we like to face. The fact is: The more individual the interior design of the sleeping area is, the sooner mattresses in special sizes are in demand. Watch bed in a box compaints for more information.

And the speech here is only of beds. Anyone who is traveling with a caravan or mobile home or wants to refit the sleeping berth of a truck needs a lot of patience – or just one of our special sized mattresses, which will be tailored to individual needs.

Mattresses – comfort without compromise

Who needs a mattress in special sizes, is often satisfied with less than necessary. After all, it’s nice that even a matching mattress was found. But special measure or not – compromises on sleeping comfort are not necessary.

We manufacture every mattress on request – the special size is included as well as other individual requirements that the desired mattress must meet. Optimal sleeping comfort does not end up with a dimension that does not meet the usual dimensions. Whether 7-zone cold foam mattress or a comparable mattress made of Visco cold foam: Our mattresses in special sizes offer the usual sleeping comfort of commercial models. So that restful sleep does not fail on the blank.

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