The box spring bed:

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With a box spring bed is meant today a complete bed system.

Boxspring actually designates the pedestal of the bed. This consists of a fabric-covered box with Bonell springs and provides resilience over the full width. On it lies the mattress, which can be put together as desired.

Most mattresses are well suited for a box spring bed. So you always have the choice between z. Like memory foam, cold foam or a pocket spring mattress.

On the mattress is often placed a thin topper mattress, which ensures a sleeping surface without a crack. However, this is not recommended for every type of mattress, as this may limit the supporting and regulating properties of the mattress.

Depending on your budget, there is a very large selection of box spring beds and equally large differences in quality. The quality of the mattress determines the comfort, and in addition, you also have a large selection of, for example, electrically adjustable pedestals.

Advantages of a box spring bed

  • Extensive options in terms of design and options
  • Unlimited selection of mattresses
  • Good ventilation through open spring structure of the pedestal
  • Easy access through the height of the bed
  • Seamless sleeping surface with a topped mattress

Lifetime maximum of 7-10 years

What’s the difference between a waterbed and a boxspring bed?

Both the waterbed and the boxspring bed provide a lot of comforts. Sleeping on the water provides a pleasantly weightless feeling. A light vibration or very stable, tailored to your personal preference.

A box spring bed does not have it, so it’s very difficult to match a box spring bed to your weight and physique. This is often an expensive affair. With a water mattress, this is less important, thanks to the supporting and pressure-reducing properties of water, it is suitable for everyone. Buy thenewest online mattresses at our online store.

Health benefits of a waterbed

In particular, due to the health aspects, more and more people are opting for a waterbed instead of standard mattresses and beds, especially for existing ailments such as back pain, a hernia, neck pain or joint pain. For a waterbed has options that have no other bed, such as regulating the temperature and hardness of the mattress.

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